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PROOF! That Kathy Ireland is a Drop Bear

It’s about time somebody points out the obvious! KATHY IRELAND IS A DROP BEAR! I’ve created a new zine to illustrate this, keep your eyes peeled around the world to grab one, or if you’re really in the need, e-mail me and I’ll send one your way!



PROOF That Kathy Ireland is a Drop Bear
PROOF That Kathy Ireland is a Drop Bear

How To Tie a Tie

With Spring upon us and summer approaching, I’m sure you’re going to lots of events in which, let’s face it, you may have to tie a tie. But alas you know not how to do such things. Well lucky for you, there is a source that teaches you the way to perfectly tie a tie. Check it out!

Engelbert Humperdinck Takes Over!

Last evening Engelbert Humperdinck decided to take over my Vine. Hypnotized and twisted.