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Episode 11 – Selfie Talk Show – Mad Men, Dad Bods, and Dustin Sterling

This week LIVE FROM SUNSET BOULEVARD we discuss Pedialyte, 12-inch iPads, Mad Men, Dad Bods and interview yo-yo expert Dustin Sterling!


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Episode 4 – The Selfie Talk Show – Breastfeeding, Putin, and Survival Expert Matt Keene

Filmed using the latest in selfie stick and iPhone technology, we bring you…The Selfie Talk Show!

This week LIVE FROM THE MIDDLE OF GRIFFITH PARK, we discuss breastfeeding, Putin, the Celestial Trifecta, what stinks, and interview wilderness survival expert, Matt Keene!


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Episode 3: The Selfie Talk Show – Tim Burton, Fashion Police, Elizabeth McLaughlin

Check out episode 3 of The Selfie Talk Show in which Adam Karell and I discuss Tim Burton, audition for the Fashion Police and welcome Elizabeth McLaughlin. All filmed using a selfie stick, and coming live from a playground!