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Golden Arch Me, Archie

Guess what I just realized…McDonald’s needs to hire more people named Archie! I mean, just say the words, “golden arch me, Archie.” It’s too much fun!!!! Also, where are all my Archie’s at? I don’t think I know one. Hmmm…what is this post really about?


OH YEAH! I was recently spotted in a McDonald’s commercial that may or may not have aired during a Bowl of Supers. Check it out below and try to find me, Archie! No word yet, on whether or not McDonald’s or Steven Spielberg are picking my character up for a sequel spin-off, but fingers are crossed!

McDonalds' All Day Breakfast "Good Morning, Moon" from blair hayes on Vimeo.

How Do I Get My Arm Hair To Grow Longer?

It’s a valid question! AM I RIGHT?! In any case, I didn’t know the answer so I took to the only community of people who could answer…Yahoo! Answers! as a part of my “experimenting with asking the Internet dumb questions” series.

Click the following link to chime in and/or read the ridiculous responses: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130926095500AAiT0ZD

How Do I Get My Arm Hair To Grow Longer
How Do I Get My Arm Hair To Grow Longer