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Episode 9 – The Selfie Talk Show – ABC’s Revenge, Baby Instagram’s, and Sarah Klein!

Hosted by Adam Karell and Justin J. Johnson and using the latest in selfie stick and iPhone technology, we bring you…The Selfie Talk Show!

This week LIVE FROM A PARKING LOT we discuss dinosaur discoveries, ABC’s Revenge, baby Instagram’s, going viral, and interview Sarah Klein!!!


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PROOF! That Kathy Ireland is a Drop Bear

It’s about time somebody points out the obvious! KATHY IRELAND IS A DROP BEAR! I’ve created a new zine to illustrate this, keep your eyes peeled around the world to grab one, or if you’re really in the need, e-mail me and I’ll send one your way!



PROOF That Kathy Ireland is a Drop Bear
PROOF That Kathy Ireland is a Drop Bear