The Morning Pop Etc’s

Whoa dudes! As you all may know, I’m a professional album reviewer. What makes me professional? I don’t know, maybe my claim to be a professional! Back off already Internet! I’m a pro.

Early on in my professional career, I reviewed an album by a lovely band, “The Morning Benders” which you can review below.

Well apparently The Morning Benders are no more. Orr, they are more. They’re just more not The Morning Benders. They’re now Pop Etc.

Now, they didn’t ask me about the name change (which would have been the honorable thing to do), but I approve and I’ll tell you why.


I love Etc. It can mean so many things! Technically their band name could be Pop Tart, Pop Goes The Weasel, Pop Bananas, Pop Lock n Drop, Pop Baby, Pop Babies, Pop Pop, Pop The Album From Nsync, the list could go on forever! Etc. is like the fancy man’s Pi. I love it! In any case, check out their new sound and Etc. video below!

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