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The Selfie Talk Show – Yoda Advice, The Blood Red Moon, and Pregnant Woman Caroline Macey!

Hosted by Adam Karell and Justin J. Johnson and using the latest in selfie stick and iPhone technology, we bring you…The Selfie Talk Show!!

This week LIVE FROM UNDERNEATH POWER LINES we discuss the Ku Klux Klan, Yoda Advice, Taco Bell alcohol, monarch butterfly migrations, the blood red moon, and interview pregnant woman Caroline Macey!!


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New Parenting Advice from Justin J. Johnson – “Morning Sickness”

Hey There Internet,

I hope you don’t mind that I lumped you all together like that, but hey, what do you want me to name each four of you reading this?! I don’t have time! C’mon guys, cool it! The Internet is a vast vast place full of weird weird people!

(But honestly, thanks Tim, Lisa, Chill, and Waverider for reading this.)

I don’t want to get too deep on you Internet, but…I’ve noticed that there are a huge majority of people in my life that are having babies! Yep, real life babies! Not dolls, but real baby breathing babies. Exciting huh? And, being the consummate businessman I am, I see a demand, and am willing to supply.

Supply parenting advice that is!

Every day I’m walking and people are like, “Justin, what should I do with my baby?” or “how do I deal with this baby thing?” And honestly, is there anyone better to give parenting advice than a dude who has no baby and has only held two babies in his life? I have no bias, no knowledge, no nothing. I’m a clean slate of advice! It’s like I didn’t even see the trailer for the movie, so I’m going in FRESH! Thusith, here we go!

First topic:
“Morning Sickness”

New Parenting Advice from Justin J. Johnson - "Morning Sickness"
New Parenting Advice from Justin J. Johnson – “Morning Sickness”

Man oh man. Ever had this happen? “I got a baby in my stomach, it’s the morning and I’m sick!” Yeah, we’ve all been there. Here’s something I find that helps. Simply imagine you’re on a boat. This is a double negative. The double sickness cancels out everything and you’re not sick anymore! BAM! EAZY PEEZY! (Please note, this goes for guys and gals involved in this pregnancy.)

Hope this helps, I find that it always does, but hey, my body is different than yours!

Stay tuned for more parenting advice!


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