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Mixtapes & FUN! TheJustinJohnsonShow.com/LIVE!

Hey There Reader! So, I’m sure you’re aware that this website is going to be performed LIVE! this Saturday at iO West at 8:30PM, but were you aware that if you attend, you receive a FREE mixtape of all songs included int he show? Betcha weren’t, were you! Come on out!


This Saturday at iO West at 8:30 PM!

Show Tonight at Second City!

Hey There Fair Reader! I assume you’re fair. Am I right? Are you honest? Kind of a “tell it how it is” person? I knew it, you’re an egg of good nature, and I appreciate you. If you’re in Hollywood tonight, and near Second City, do yourself a fave and come check out Gypsy Lou. We’ll be performing with Smokehouse, and it’s sure to be a time had by all.