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Revelator Time – Watch It Babies

Listen, live your life however you see fit, but my advice is live it FULLY.  And if you’re living it fully, you’re probably taking advantage of every opportunity and you’re probably watching movies.  Lot of probably’s here.

My suggestion?  Watch this one.  Got to spend a solid day in the most terrifying building I’ve ever been in working on it.  Bones chilled.  Boners?  Chilled (in a cool way, get it?)


You need links?  GOT EM!

Halloween! Presidents! Comedy! Pumpkins!

Hello Fair Reader!

I know, I know, you don’t want me to share a fun short from the Rigor Tortoise vault. Oh, wait…you’ll let me if I give you some relevant reasons?
Welp, here you go!

Reasons why you’ll enjoy this short:
-It’s spooky! You love spooky don’t you? You always say Halloween is your favorite time! Well enjoy the time, and get your eyes scared out of your head.
-It involves Presidents! You can’t take your eyes off of the Presidential Election coverage! Romney, Obama, Ryan, Biden, THIS SHORT!
-It’s funny. You like comedy…nay…you LOVE comedy!
-It’s pumpkin-centric! You wish you could have more pumpkin things! Pie, lattes, cake, fish, dirt, THIS SHORT!

Enough reasons? I thought so! So stop with demanding reasons, and just enjoy this Rigor Tortoise short!

Return of Midnight Movies! Care Bears! Cookie Monsters!

Hey There! It’s been a while, but Midnight Movies finally returned! Hope to have more nights free (and awake) to make more!

If you’re not familiar, it’s basically a project I call “Midnight Movies,” in which at times, if I am awake at midnight, and capable of it, I will create an impromptu short short film. Here is tonight’s. What inspires you at midnight?