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Justin’s Hamilton Lott-diary – August 18

Dear Hamilton Lott-Diary,

WHAT?!?!  Tone shift on the third post, are you kidding me?!?  Yeah.  Strap in, because this…is a wild ride.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, my Lott-Diary.  Why did I not win again Lott-Diary?

I’ve been good, heck, I’m even IFing!  What’s IFing?  Intermittent Fasting baby!  That sweet 16/8.  Trying to get my mind right so that I can win!!!  It wasn’t a great day Lott-Diary.  Today I had to audition, and my audition was me waking up.   I drove an hour there, an hour back, and spent 30 seconds waking up.  You know what that deserves?  $10 Hamilton tix baby!  Why am I using “baby” so much you ask Lott-Diary?  I honestly don’t know baby!  Ugh.  I did it again.

Don’t worry though, I entered again.  Twice.  2pm showing, and 8pm showing and I”m pretty flipping confident I’m gonna win!

So, until next time Lott-Diary…which will probably be the last time because I”m a winner BABY!