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Halloween! Presidents! Comedy! Pumpkins!

Hello Fair Reader!

I know, I know, you don’t want me to share a fun short from the Rigor Tortoise vault. Oh, wait…you’ll let me if I give you some relevant reasons?
Welp, here you go!

Reasons why you’ll enjoy this short:
-It’s spooky! You love spooky don’t you? You always say Halloween is your favorite time! Well enjoy the time, and get your eyes scared out of your head.
-It involves Presidents! You can’t take your eyes off of the Presidential Election coverage! Romney, Obama, Ryan, Biden, THIS SHORT!
-It’s funny. You like comedy…nay…you LOVE comedy!
-It’s pumpkin-centric! You wish you could have more pumpkin things! Pie, lattes, cake, fish, dirt, THIS SHORT!

Enough reasons? I thought so! So stop with demanding reasons, and just enjoy this Rigor Tortoise short!

Punctuation Humor Comma That’s Not Funny Period

As is the case with most, sometimes I get stuck on an idea and write too many things about it. Then rather than tuck that away into oblivion…wait, can you tuck something into oblivion? Seems pretty involved. Regardless, rather than tuck it in…that’s what he said…I put it out there, that’s what he said. So hold on to your butts, and get ready to groan at a series of comma ideas I’ve been playing with.

Comma Jokes by Justin J. Johnson
Comma Jokes by Justin J. Johnson