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Revelator Time – Watch It Babies

Listen, live your life however you see fit, but my advice is live it FULLY.  And if you’re living it fully, you’re probably taking advantage of every opportunity and you’re probably watching movies.  Lot of probably’s here.

My suggestion?  Watch this one.  Got to spend a solid day in the most terrifying building I’ve ever been in working on it.  Bones chilled.  Boners?  Chilled (in a cool way, get it?)


You need links?  GOT EM!

Golden Arch Me, Archie

Guess what I just realized…McDonald’s needs to hire more people named Archie! I mean, just say the words, “golden arch me, Archie.” It’s too much fun!!!! Also, where are all my Archie’s at? I don’t think I know one. Hmmm…what is this post really about?


OH YEAH! I was recently spotted in a McDonald’s commercial that may or may not have aired during a Bowl of Supers. Check it out below and try to find me, Archie! No word yet, on whether or not McDonald’s or Steven Spielberg are picking my character up for a sequel spin-off, but fingers are crossed!

McDonalds' All Day Breakfast "Good Morning, Moon" from blair hayes on Vimeo.