Hey There Fair Reader!

As you all may know from my previous endeavors, I’m what you might call, a “smart cookie.” What type? Good question fair reader, umm…I’m not sure. Perhaps walnut chocolate chip. Oh! You’re allergic to walnuts? That sucks, I love walnuts. How about plain chocolate chip? Cool! SOOO, I’m a smart chocolate chip cookie! Being that, I’m on the cutting edge of innovation and constantly coming up with great ideas. Which leads me to my newest invention/idea/thing:

Gradual-a-gram! As you all are probably aware, Instagram is the HIPPEST way of taking photos on your electronic device. But what about people who long for the way photos used to look while they developed…gradually? Well hunger games no longer for those photos, because with my brand new app, you can take a photo and it will come out a messy blur, just like photos used to look prior to developing. Below you will find some test photos. GET EXCITED WORLD!

Oooh! What will this develop into? A picture of the ocean?! A picture of your lady wearing a hat?! A little pig with boots on?! How about below that? Is that a lush landscape? A chupacabra? A T-Rex?! Nobody may know!

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